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The digital revolution is well and truly here and companies like ERNI make it so easy for us (the customers) to connect the digital landscape with the offline world. ERNI has ensured its long term survival by making it super easy for potential customers to eat their favourite foods from their favorite restaurants at menu prices.

That last bit is important. Menu prices ensure that resurtauants are able to maintain seamless pricing both in the restaurant and online.

Recent ERNI News

e-Rewards Network Announces Corporate Name Change

e-Rewards Network Inc. (OTC: ERNI) announced today that effective October 2nd, 2013, the Company has changed its name to Rewards Nexus Inc. The new CUSIP number for the company's stock is 76156A109 and the ticker symbol has remained the same. Investors can find more information about the Company or contact details at the new website read more »


Rewards Ne Inc. is always committed to the provision of timely, credible and easy-to-access information to the investment community. Please find below our latest financial reports. read more »

Registered Earn IQ mem- bers are able to collect points based on their total bill for purchases in-store. They can chose to pay in every possible way: cash, by CC, or by-even better- with their accumulated Earn IQ points.

Points can be redeemed at any participating store-it's an Earn IQ wallet indeed!

Earn IQ is an innovative coalition program for foodies.

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(212) 688-1007

Why ERNI May be the Safest Bet for Future Profits with Earn IQ rewards program

Online food delivery is growing again after furtive entrepreneurial efforts during the Internet boom. And one of the safer bets in the food business has to be on the automation of putting food in American stomachs.

According to a study by the National Restaurant Association, 39% of consumers say they would use electronic ordering to buy meals if it were available. That, perhaps prompted 55% of restaurant owners in the same study to say electronic payment systems, essential to online ordering, will become more important to the industry.

  • ERNI combines its unique and innovative marketing channels (think mobile and banners etc.) with the restaurants seamless and reliable on-time delivery system.
  • The result is a new way of getting your food without the hassle.
  • Customers have been boasting about the completely convenient way their food is delivered to them.
  • One moment they are on their iPhone ordering a meal and the next the door bell is going. Delivery, sir!
  • It's all thanks to ERNI and more and more restaurant owners are signing up to its merchant program.
  • The word is spreading that merchants who join ERNI are able to increase sales and increase customer retention – the holy grail of any business.
  • As long as businesses continue to make more money ERNI will continue to make more money. Simple as that.
Earn IQ has created a unique dining solution for corporate accounts. Companies that traditionally pay for their employees' lunch have an excellent opportunity with Earn IQ to:
  • Organize employees' lunch
  • Streamline billing and reimbursement processes to control their expenses and reduce the administrative overhead.
  • Accumulate points translated to money
Right now we are working with corporate accounts that include, Law Firms, Colleges, Health Clinics, Construction Companies etc.

"By the time ERNI takes over the industry completely with its cost-efficient and customer-focused machine, competitors won't know w at hit them!"

Digital food delivery has exploded into a revenue juggernaut, slicing a massive chunk from the $632 billion in annual restaurant sales.

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The explosion in demand by consumers for greater rewards in shopping

Seamless integration of social media with consumption of food

Improvements in how consumers use their mobile devices to access food

Massive improvements in its growth potential as digital delivery becomes mainstream

Digital Delivery Comes of Age With More Than $875 Million In Sales. ERNI has become the favorite of analysts who've seen…

  • ERNI's incredible gain potential as a result of rising demand for digital delivery of food
  • ERNI is extremely busy establishing partnerships with small and medium sized restaurant business across the U.S.
  • ERNI's unique and innovative approach to marketing is attracting customers like crazy
  • ERNI's reward program is growing at a rate of 156% per quarter with more and more people signing up

ERNI's Powerful Setup

ERNI is built like rock and ready to capitalize on the $632 billion restaurant industry and specifically, the digital ordering of food. The company has setup a solid reward program that offers incentives (think free or discounted food) to customers who join its leading-edge website and place orders.

ERNI has ensured its success by leveraging partnership networks which contain hundreds of medium and small businesses. They sell more of their food and ERNI benefits from the partnership by bring in more customers. It's a win-win situation and so far ERNI has been making waves in the sector. Of course the solid setup ensures that ERNI's own revenues are directly tied to the number of partners and so far the company has been building an existing cadre of rewarding partners.

ERNI's reward program is very simple: Users visit the website at where they can either sign up or download the company's mobile app for iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry. All the bases are covered and ERNI's setup makes it super easy for people to join its reward program.

No wonder membership has been growing at such an exponential rate.

Why Wall Street Will Be Fighting to Get a Piece of ERNI

When we say get in on ERNI's out-of-this-world gain potential we say it for a reason. ERNI is nowhere near operating full throttle and management is putting the finishing touches on its corporate accounts and shoring up the in-store operations.

When these two things align (very soon by the way); the growth potential of ERNI will literally explode.

Wall Street naturally will be clamouring to get a piece and so the earlier investors get in, the better.

The growth potential of ERNI is absolutely huge:

  • More than 1 million restaurants across America
  • More than $600 billion a year spent on food
  • Close to $1 billion a month being spent by consumers ordering food through portals like ERNI

Clearly ERNI is in line for massive potential revenues and right now its absolute ground floor price is your chance to ride the upcoming wave.

ERNI Grabbing Fans Faster Than You Can Blink

Constant renewal and expansion of ERNI's day to day operations will contribute to the substantial increase in efficient service and customer satisfaction whilst driving profits.

You may ask how long it takes to generate revenue. Never to worry! Food is known to be the staff of life and one must eat to survive. ERNI is committed to adding greater value and a fun filled experience in the process of getting ones food to its existing market and potential customers.

ERNI stands to make great profits in such one of our oldest habits which is consuming food. Let's not joke about this, but one has to eat to survive! We see people eating on the go and would like quick and efficient services. This is where ERNI has positioned itself in the diverse market and delivery quick and easy services to its clients.

ERNI Making Mincemeat of the Competition

The restaurant industry has projected sales of $661 billion in sales for 2013 and luckily with increasing client base, ERNI is an integral stakeholder in such lucrative business.

With more than 1 million restaurants located across the U.S. and ERNI aggressively pushing them to get on their platform the prospects for growth looks exceptional indeed.

ERNI is plugged into the highly revolutionary delivery service of restaurants and customers all enjoying a fruitful relationship.

ERNI stands to make a huge chunk with its customers ordering again and again with the easiest platform to order with a functionality that keeps the customer base engaged and satisfied.?

"The competitors may take an arm and leg while ERNI executes its commissionable base with more considerably reasons. Our threshold of 10%t compared to 14% is widely spread and constant so as to provide an ease to the clients. It's believed that a happy client, a happy life smoothly turning customers into profits."

Here are 4 reasons ERNI has juicy technical deliciousness…

  • Discovery of ERNI's business model has sent a flood of investors buying up its stock. ERNI has rallied 2800% in just 7 months
  • Wall Street is over heels with ERNI with buy ratings coming through art the rate of 16%
  • ERNI is smack dead in RSI country at 47.00. This means the play is neither overbought nor oversold. All you need to know is that profits are yours for the taking – right now!
  • ERNI is no longer a zombie play and recent volume has surged more than 10000% on average. Its alive, it's alive!!!

The Sick Truth about Digital Delivery and How It Can Make You Rich

Right now digital delivery is booming in the U.S. but there' something else that's booming. Commission gouging is also on the rise.

Competitors in the space have been squeezing the living daylights out of restaurant profits and many small and medium sized businesses are turning their back on digital delivery.

But here's the thing:

Without restaurants there is no digital delivery!
This is where ERNI's unique merchant reward structure comes in. The company's exceptional attention and care for the bottom line of restaurants owners has given it a key strategic advantage and before long every merchant in America will be looking to join the ERNI bandwagon.

When this happens, market valuation is going to explode.

Get in on ERNI now and you have the potential of striking digital delivery gold!

More Members = More Profits

A word of advice! Customers can rack up points faster by registering additional members, such as family members. And the sweetener is that ERNI processes are instant, automatic, and hassle-free.

Digital food ordering and delivery thrives on memberships and ERNI is showing everyone else how it is done. Members are streaming in at a rapid rate and ERNI is on track to surpass many industry players.

"By the time ERNI takes over the industry completely with its cost-efficient and customer-focused machine, competitors won't know what hit them!"

Here are 10 exciting reasons to buy ERNI right now!

  • ERNI is a solid sub 50 cent momentum play. ERNI's 52 week high is near a dollar. Its technical setup is pointing towards a breakout passing these levels
  • ERNI has more than 200 merchants under its belt and growing. ERNI's network of merchant partners includes some of the largest restaurants in New York and Los Angeles.
  • Americans are spending more now than ever, ERNI is evidently getting a percentage of this $1.8 billion that is being spent on food each day
  • ERNI's biggest competitor has just been snapped up by a prominent Silicon Valley heavyweight. This proves without a doubt that ERNI business model works like gang busters and is extremely lucrative.
  • ERNI's niche sector has been voted among the top 10 growth sectors to watch for 2013/2014.
  • ERNI is fast becoming the Groupon of its industry and its growth potential has increased significantly since Wall Street started taking a keen interest.
  • With the smooth touch of a customized app for its service, ERNI lets its horde of members order from the device of their choice. This is super-fast, affordable and reliable! Revenues are therefore set to explode.
  • ERNIs commission have exploded in recent months, thanks in large part to its revolutionary application, released on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.
  • Last year one of ERNI's more established competitors process more than $600 million in food orders. ERNI's strategic outlook calls for double that amount.
  • ERNIs unique reward system has sucking in new members at blinding speed. ERNI is on track to become the 800 pound gorilla of its industry sector and this will cause a potential explosion in both revenue and growth potential.

"The U.S. restaurant industry is enormous -- $632 billion in annual sales, according to the National Restaurant Association."

Earn IQ rewards program

  • Online food ordering for delivery & pick up combined with amazing rewards 5%-9% back on every order
  • In-store dining rewards 5%-9% back on total bill
  • Corporate accounts dining rewards
  • 1 Earn IQ point=$1

program features

  • Online ordering for delivery or pick up
  • Online rewards collection and redemption at every participating store
  • Earn IQ On-The-Go – mobile application for iPhone users
  • In-store points collection and redemption through the Earn IQ card or mobile app

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